Making Homemade Roach Trap

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Getting rid of cockroach infestation is one of the hardest task. Smashing each is an invincible task and an inhumane one. If you are looking for a way to tackle this problem without getting your hands dirty, a homemade roach trap post is a great alternative. It is not only effective but also costs less.

How to make a roach trap at home

Most of the items required to make homemade roach traps can be found in your home. In case you do not have them, they can easily be found in the local store and they do not cost much.

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1. Catching roaches in a bar

This homemade method of trapping cockroaches is safe for pets and children and it is easy to move the jar from one place to another.


  • Look for a quart size jar with a small bottle neck like that of a spaghetti sauce jar or mayonnaise jar.
  • Create a way for the cockroaches to climb in to the jar by wrapping a duct tape all round the jar with the sticky side facing the jar to provide enough traction for the cockroaches to climb up.
  • Then, make the inside of the jar slippery by coating it with petroleum jelly about four inches from the top. This way, the cockroaches cannot climb out of the jar. You can mix petroleum jelly with gel bait to kill the cockroaches on contact.
  • To attract the cockroaches to the jar, put something smelly like an overripe fruit or onion slices. Ensure the bait is not so big that the roaches can use it to exit the jar.
  • Now place the jar at a strategic position where you have roach problem. The idea is that the trap will attract the roaches, they will climb and fall into the jar where they cannot get out.
  • Leave the jar overnight or longer. Ultimately, pour boiling water into the jar to kill any surviving roaches then throw them in the bin or flush them down the toilet.
  • Set the trap again until all the roaches are eliminated.

2. Catching roaches with baking soda paste

Baking soda has hundreds of uses among them being a roach killer.


  • Mix equal amounts of sugar and baking soda.
  • Add water to create a thick paste
  • Apply the paste on the areas infested with roaches.


The paste sticks to the feet of the cockroaches. It takes it with him to the nest and the paste kills the roaches slowly. For effective results, you should apply the paste several times a week until all roaches die.

Kyle Barlow

Kyle Barlow